Fees | Appointments

Fees from 1/1/2024:
£25 - up to 30 minutes
£50 - up to 60 minutes

£75 - up to 90 minutes 

Fees are payable 24 hours in advance to secure the session time.

Online/Telephone appointments available:


Monday to Sunday

I offer a free 15-minute introductory chat to answer any questions and help decide if we are a good fit for each other.

I work with adults (18+) on a one-to-one basis and only accept private paying clients.

Safety | Confidentiality

You can choose to have your appointment either Online or by Telephone for any session (I do not work face-to-face).

Wherever you decide to be for your appointment (at home, in the car, outdoors etc.), it is vital that you are in a private and quiet space, where

  • we cannot be overheard
  • we are unlikely to be disturbed
  • you feel comfortable in talking

Please ensure your physical safety for the duration of the session.

e.g. if you are in your car, be parked appropriately, with your engine switched off.  Or if you are outside, be aware of your surroundings.

Online vs. Telephone

An Online video appointment takes place on any device where we can see and hear each other on a screen. This is usually via Zoom or WhatsApp, depending on your wifi capability and preferred device.

A Telephone appointment takes place on any device where we can hear each other. This is usually your mobile handset or landline, but can also be on other devices.

The type of work we do will inform whether Online video or Telephone is more suitable and the length of time needed.

NB: The Rewind Technique and Guided Imagery  can only be done via a minimum 60 minute Online video (visual) session.

"To take that first step into action can sometimes be the hardest...

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